NEW – Burundi AA Kirirmiro Coffee!

Burundi Coffee

Another Great Coffee from East Africa!

Burundi, AKA “Land of A Thousand Hills,” producer of of one of the finest coffees out of East Africa. This country of approximately 6 million is economically dependant on small-scale agriculture. Burundi’s farmers have mastered the art of of sustained mountain agriculture, growing their crops on steep, misty mountainsides with respect for the delicate ecology of the surrounding area. The national treasure of Burundi, Arabica coffee, flourishes in this high altitude ecology. Cultivated from Bourbon varietal, this unique coffee is a bright fruity coffee with notes of sweet & sour. We at CoffeeAM are proud to introduce our newest addition to our family of coffees from around the world!

Please let us know of unique and exotic coffees that you are interested in.

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